How To Care For Hair Extensions

Stitched hair extensions or natural hair curtains are strips of hair attached at the top with a very thin band or seam. The base of the curtain can be placed in your own hair with different systems: clips, seams, glue, or adhesive tape, while the tips are free just like your own hair. Stitched natural hair extensions are available in human or synthetic hair. Regardless of the type of Miami hair extensions you use, taking care of your hair extensions is essential if you want them to last.

In the case of synthetic extensions do not use heat in very high temperature on synthetic hair at most 120 degrees, as it will melt and ruin the extension and your hair straightener. Be careful because there are some synthetic extensions that do not accept any kind of heat, do the test with a small sample of hair before heat styling them.

If on the contrary, your extensions are natural hair then you have free way to do with them the same as you would with your own hair. You can use your iron to wave, curl, iron again and smooth your natural hair extensions as many times as you want, but remember that just like your own hair you should give good maintenance to natural hair extensions.

The more you abuse the iron and the dryer, the shorter your extensions will last. The more you avoid using heat appliances on human hair extensions, the longer they will last. If you decide to use the iron and dryer extensively, try as much as possible to use the least amount of hair chemicals on your extensions to avoid excessive washing.

When brushing your extensions, remember that when washing your natural hair extensions be careful and avoid especially rubbing your hair very hard.